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Aiming to create a social environment

               and nature can be fused human and Life!

The logo mark was designed with three themes: a food chain,a mountainous area,and a pond/river. An owl was selected as the symbol representing the top of a food chain. The green mountain represents the pyramid of the food chain and a mountainous area,while the slanted blue elipse represents a pond and a river.

The Wildlife Research Society was established in 1992, and obtained NPO status of Japan in 1999. The society conducts educational activities on the environment such as nature walk, field research on river basin, village forests conservation, publishing and international cooperation.

Research Activity

The Society conducts field researches on wildlife ecology of river basins in Japan, and also on climate and living of local society.

Naturalist Club 

The naturalist club is for ordinary citizens who would like to learn nature through field studies. The club meets every month on a specific theme. 

Village Forests Conservation

The Society plants trees and manages forests to conserve the nature of village mountains. The mountains this spring have a little bit changed from the previous year: some plants and insects were newly discovered in the forests. 

Short-term Special Seminar  
for Teachers 

The naturalist club is for ordinary citizens who would like to learn nature through field studies. The club meets every month on a specific theme. 

International Cooperation Projects

In order to prevent global warming and conserve tropical rainforests, the Society is promoting to open “The Amazon Nature School”, which will be a nature learning facility for children who will lead the next generation.


Nature Walk for Ordinary Citizens  

The Society conducts nature walks for parent and child to enjoy communication with immediate natural environment.


Information Dissemination

The Society has its own web-site, and disseminates information through the Internet.
Weintroducethe home pageasthe onlypartthat can not beconveyedhome,wehaveto introduce theactivity.

Our activitiesareavailablefrommany companies, includingreading, including theForeign MinistryandtheMinistry of the EnvironmentKobeshinbunsha,alsowebsite,publicity andofcities and townsofHanshin.

There is also achildren'shomeof the relationshipthatwelinkthe creation ofthe page, such as "largeexplorationMukogawa", childrenare likely touse.To readthe text of thelearningenvironmentthat we havecreated"seriesalive",etc.There is also ablogthatwe havetaken asreference. Wewill continue tobuild a networkofpeopleandhowmanyin the future.

Publication Activity  

Utilizing the research results on “human-being, living and nature”, the Society has published books of “living river series” for high graders of elementary school, and donated them to elementary and junior-high schools in the river basin. The booklets are used as a supplementary reading material for nature education. The number of donated booklets is 30,000 at now.


   Non Profit Organization      

   Wildlife Research Soceity
Hyogo Pref.,Japan

TEL・FAX +81-72-756-7055

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